Sunday, October 18, 2009

The wonders of wool

I admit it. I am completely in love with felted wool. Whether it comes in the form of sweaters and vintage blankets, recycled scraps, etc. I love it! I enjoy the hunt of the finding wool items to recycle and turn into something beautiful. I love processing and felted the wool myself. And then, the joy of turning into something new and usable and beautiful!

My art studio is getting crammed with containers of felted wool and it's a battle of wills between the pull of the painting or the sewing machine and wool! So, I thought I would share a few items I've been making. The earrings above I just listed on my Etsy store.

This is a felted wool scarf made from Pendleton blanket scraps. I love the colors mixed with the zigzag stitched making it a patchwork scarf that is warm and cozy against my neck. Plus, it's just too darn fun not to make!

I'm gonna be busy during the next few weeks in my effort to make new items like these for the upcoming holiday sales. But I will try to share some of my favorites with you too!

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  1. Just love these scraps!!! Just bought some at the SouthEastern Animal Fiber Festival SAFF in N.C.!!! Love your stuff and Etsy site also. Down here in the SouthEast. Sounds like you are close to Pendleton.